2007, Tue, Dec 112008, Tue, Jan 01

Film programme 1: Egypt

New documentary films from the Middle East

"Soraida, a woman of Palestine" (film still)

Mini-retrospective of Tahani Rached

Tahani Rached, born in Egypt. After her graduation from the École des Beaux Arts de Montreal, she made her first programmatic documentary ‘Pour faire changement’ in 1973. In 1979 she directed her first full length feature ‘Les Voleurs de Jobs’. From 1980 until 2004 she worked for the Office National du Film in Canada. 2006 Rached directed ‘El-Banate Dol’. Since the beginning of her career in 1973, she has made about 20 films and videos.


El-Banate Dol (These Girls)

D: Tahani Rached, Egypt 2006, 68 mins

Homeless girls living on the streets of Cairo, braving the circumstances with humour and solidarity.


Soraida, a Woman of Palestine

D: Tahani Rached, Palestine 2004, 119 mins

Soraida prevents her environment from being engulfed by war and violence.


Four Women of Egypt

D: Tahani Rached, Egypt 1997, 90 mins

Four Egyptian women who have been striving to create an atmosphere of tolerance for 50 years now.