2021, Sat, Nov 13

Shifting Perspectives

Participants of a guided tour of the project

Participants of a guided tour of the project "Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum" at Deutsches Historisches Museum | © Staatliche Museen Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Photo: Milena Schlösser

Experiences of flight and forced migration are universal. The Shifting Perspectives workshop questions socially dominant narratives about people with refugee experiences by revealing the continuity and universality of flight. Participants look for parallels in the stories of the Archive of Refuge and ask how supposedly objective representations can be deconstructed through a change of perspective and empathy.

With Sarah Fortmann-Hijazi and Salma Jreige

In collaboration with Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum – Geflüchtete als Guides in Berliner Museen. The project advocates dialogue between people of different cultures and historical experiences, using art and history as a starting point.