2021, Fri, Oct 012021, Sat, Oct 02

Digital materials for political education work

Workshop for practitioners from the educational sector

Oral history as a counter-narrative: Teachers, educational activists and other school and extracurricular practitioners gain insights into nine workshops on the Archive of Refuge designed for political education work in schools, libraries and Goethe-Instituts. The association for media education mediale pfade presents formats, methods and materials. Workshop topics include the social continuity of migration and flight, antiracism, and anti-discriminatory learning. How can they be conveyed through storytelling, soundscapes and virtual reality? What digital tools are useful for this?

With Birte Frische, Eva Hasel, Katrin Hünemörder, Christine Kolbe, Sika Dede Puhlmann (mediale pfade), Mohammed Scheikani, Daniel Seitz (mediale pfade), Aleksandar Vejnovic (mediale pfade)