2007, Sun, Dec 02

Worldtronics: After-Party im Tape

Anna Haleta & glitterbug

To round off the series, the House of World Cultures, with WORLDTRONICS, will be visiting its new neighbours: the Tape-Club in Heidestrasse. There, the Israeli DJ Anna Haleta and the German DJ Till Rohmann a.k.a. glitterbug will be performing music together. And there will be a surprise line-up with the curators of WORLDTRONICS 2007. It promises to be a long night!

Anna Haleta

Energetic, technically brilliant DJ sets, suitable both for the intellect of the shrewd electronic connoisseur and for the dance reflexes of the full-time clubber: no wonder that Anna Haleta is one of the most successful techno DJs and producers in Israel. She comes from the illegal ‘party underground’ in Jerusalem and is one of the co-founders of the ‘Pacotek’ techno-series and the eponymous label.

Till Rohmann, a.k.a. glitterbug

glitterbug plays an experimental techno that shimmers and hisses. He also works internationally as a producer, artist and curator. He first travelled to Israel after receiving an invitation. Once there, he made friends with comrades-in-arms and electro-activists and actively supported the scene. Years of teamwork on the mixers have created a close bond between him and Anna Haleta. In Israel, their combined performances are legendary.