{Nacre & Encre: Pearldiving as Short-Form Poetry}

With Aristilde Paz Justine Kirby

Sun, Sep 12, 2021
3–4 pm
Free admission, with registration
At this time, the GGG rule (tested-vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event.
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In English
Open-air on the roof terrace.
If poor weather is forecasted, in the lower lobby.
Aristilde Paz Kirby, The Art of Picking, 2007 , Courtesy of Aristilde Paz Kirby

How is it possible to get the most out of every syllable or line break or word? Why are these things meaningful at all? The workshop participants relearn what seem to be fundamental things about poetry & the word, primed, so that they can reach the beyond in their own language. The workshop touches on histories of short-form poetry the world over & their transmogrification through time. Participants learn about things like amas: Japanese pearldiving women, roots of the neo-baroque, microbiology, the movements of insects & more. “We hone our sense for evoking the maximal from the small & vice versa. Poetry must be made by all. The limitless treasuries of the word's poverty is ours to share.”

With Aristilde Paz Justine Kirby