2021, Sat, Oct 02

History and Representation: Who’s Telling Whose Story?

Photo: Sebastian Bolesch, 2013

Photo: Sebastian Bolesch, 2013

The third panel on the topic of History and Representation addresses the question of how Germany’s history has been told since 1945 – and as whose story.

Activist Fatuma Musa Afrah, historians Raphael Gross and Dorothee Wierling as well as journalist Charlotte Wiedemann focus on interpretative conflicts of the past and how these shape current democratic debates. How can narratives be pluralized – including under the conditions of Europeanization and globalization? What roles do the rule of law and the democratic public sphere play in these narratives?

With Fatuma Musa Afrah, Raphael Gross, Charlotte Wiedemann, and Dorothee Wierling

Moderated by Carolin Emcke

Followed by a Q&A