Last Chance to Misbehave

Hugo Fernandez New Grounds Quartet, Teresa Bergman

Sun, Aug 15, 2021
6 pm
Important: At this time, the GGG rule (tested-vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid-19 admission regulations
Open-air on the roof terrace

The event will be cancelled if poor weather is forecasted. The decision will be announced on Twitter and Facebook on the day of the event at approx. 5pm.
Last Chance to Misbehave, © Simona Turk

5.30pm Doors open
6pm Hugo Fernandez New Grounds Quartet
7pm Teresa Bergman
8pm Last Chance to Misbehave

Last Chance to Misbehave

Experimental music meets folky jazz and pop, but also classical swing: Last Chance to Misbehave is the name of the joint project of pianist Julia Hülsmann and the two fundamentally different singers Cansu Tanrıkulu and Mia Knop Jacobsen. The three of them meet at Hülsmann’s piano to meld poetry and sound language, to break up musical structures and to think them in new ways. Their sound is a melodious dialogue of differences, far more than the sum of its parts.

Teresa Bergman, © Paul Green

Teresa Bergman

“If you wanna tell me that you love me, boy / Best do it down on your knees,” Teresa Bergman demands on the title track of her 2019 album Apart. As the title suggests, this is a breakup album, and although it sounds melodramatic, the guitarist poignantly stages the emotional chaos. Elements of pop and soul, jazz and folk set the stage for a vocal performance whose emotional range extends from fragile ballads to disco-funk moments and blues-rock anthems. You’ll indeed want to kneel!

Hugo Fernandez New Grounds Quartet, © Igor Andruch

Hugo Fernández New Grounds Quartet

Together with trumpeter Christoph Titz, electric bassist Martin Lillich and drummer Philip Bernhardt, guitarist Hugo Fernández wants nothing less than to explore the untapped possibilities of jazz. This is anything but a megalomaniacal undertaking. The New Grounds Quartet brings together folkloric forms, elements of Western classical music and pop, placing reinterpretations of classics alongside their own compositions. The result is a forward-looking vision of jazz.