2021, Thu, Jul 15

Die Politiker

By and with Wolfram Lotz, Nele Stuhler and Irina Sulaver

Photo: Nora Hollstein / HKW

Photo: Nora Hollstein / HKW

It is as if they were two cruise ships, just moments before a collision, that one glances at the Federal Chancellery and the Reichstag Building from HKW’s roof terrace. Here, bordering on the government district, playwright and poet Wolfram Lotz sets his spoken play Die Politiker (The Politicians) in the political midsummer. Taking form as a nocturnal monologue by an open window, a strange mantra and unbridled language game, a tender appeal and a harrowing, endless loop, Lotz’s work allows expectations set on The Politicians to collide with the private sphere. And in the end, it becomes clear that we ourselves are The Politicians.

With the author Wolfram Lotz, the actor Irina Sulaver and the performer, director and author Nele Stuhler