2021, Sat, Jul 03

Socializing Evidence

Terror Contagion | © Forensic Architecture, 2021

Terror Contagion | © Forensic Architecture, 2021

Investigative Commons is not only the title of the HKW exhibition but also a new model for collaborative truth production and counter investigations. Socializing Evidence marks its launch. The Investigative Commons operate across multiple forums: courts, cultural institutions and media platforms.

In the discourse program, artists, activists and researchers will examine each of these platforms as sites of action, intervention, debate and contestation. Each site presents different challenges and demands for a critical practice that shifts between appropriation, subversion and direct confrontation.

The program will also include the public launch of a new investigation that maps the global landscape of cyber-surveillance against human rights defenders – demonstrating the work of the commons in practice.

With Anselm Franke, Wolfgang Kaleck, Laura Poitras, Christina Varvia, Eyal Weizman and many more