Online program

Students’ Day

Sat, Jun 5, 2021
2–6 pm
Free of charge, upon registration
The actions take place online. The number of participants is limited.
Protesting students climbing into Low Library, Columbia University, April 1968, © Richard Howard

Universities were central arenas for the educational policy struggles of the 1960s and 1970s. New teaching content and form, new educational spaces were tested here. As a civil society reaction to the politics of the Cold War and internal security, the struggle on the street established itself as a form of protest - mainly carried out by student movements.

Artists and art mediators at the Institute for Art in Context at the UdK Berlin, accompanied by Claudia Hummel, have examined these student movements. At Students' Day, they will ask in two actions together with participants: What struggles are students waging in a present in which they are globally digitally connected, but at the same time largely confined to the space of their own room due to the pandemic?

Online Action 1
Student protests and me
With Özcan Ertek, Jisu Jeong, Chao Li, Ying Lin und Viviane Tabach

What challenges do students face today? Based on a mapping of student protests around the world, participants reflect on their own connection to the history of these protests and develop posters that reflect their experience of contemporary education systems.

Online Action 2
With Franka Geiser, Min Kyung Kim, Sifan Pan und Zsófia Puszt

What is currently missing in online teaching and how can learning and humanity be brought together and shaped in times of a pandemic? Following on from Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s bed-ins of 1969, participants are invited to become active from their own beds. Experiences, demands and visions will be compiled and incorporated into a joint manifesto.