2021, Wed, Apr 28 and 2021, Wed, May 19

Re-Reading 1970

Workshop for education experts and interested parties

Pedagogical literature of the 1970s

Pedagogical literature of the 1970s

Between 1969 and 1982, a wide range of educational literature was produced in former West Germany. The topics ranged from learning theories and methodology to media-critical and artistic-educational approaches, school experiments and reflective teaching series. Numerous translations from other languages opened up international discourses on educational topics.

In the workshop with Claudia Hummel, selected German texts will be read that are also referred to in the Education Shock exhibition. How do these texts read today? What are the connections between the approaches of that time and today's practices? What can be learned from the texts?

The workshop is aimed at teachers, artists and others involved in education and schools.