The Sound is Innocent

D: Johana Ožvold, CS, F, SLO 2019, 68 min, Engl. OV (in Engl., Czech, French, with English subtitles)

Sun, Nov 15, 2020
Sun, Nov 15, 2020
The event on site at HKW is cancelled due to the current situation.

What is noise, what is sound? Where can the line be drawn between noise and music? Will there still be music when people no longer exist?

If so, what machines will produce it? For the documentary The Sound Is Innocent, the director Johana Ožvold met with theorists and producers of electronic music whose ideas and work revolve around new technological solutions to well-known artistic questions: François Bonnet alias Kassel Jaeger, the Hyperdub label operator Steve Goodman alias Kode9, the live-coding pioneer Julian Rohrhuber, equipment manufacturer John Richards and the composers Hannes Hoelzl and Alberto de Campo.