2020, Thu, Aug 06


Reading and conversation with Sita Ngoumou, Mirjam Nuenning and Sharon Dodua Otoo

Illustration: Sita Ngoumou

Illustration: Sita Ngoumou

“The first colour I lost was my yellow.”

Day by day, Cee, the protagonist of Sharon Dodua Otoo’s novella Synchronicity, loses more and more colors until she only sees gray. Over twenty-four episodes, readers accompany Cee through a surreal Berlin.

The evening’s focus will be on Otoo’s story, its creation and the importance of translation in collective or collaborative work processes. What does it mean to translate a novella by a Black author from London into German – or into a visual language? Sharon Dodua Otoo, translator Mirjam Nuenning and illustrator Sita Ngoumou pursue this question in reading and conversation.