2020, Thu, May 07

Cancelled: Nightingala

The event is cancelled. The decision is based on the public administration’s current guidelines and recommendations on how to deal with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. More…

Berlin is the city of nightingales. The birds love the big city’s undergrowth and, according to the jazz musician and philosophy professor David Rothenberg, also its urban noise level. Nightingales take up the sounds of their surroundings – whether human voices or street noise –, imitate them and react to them. Their peculiar compositions of twittering, chirping, buzzing and whirring and their fast rhythm of trills, clicks and whistling noises, gurgling and chuckling sound more like techno than dulcet melodies. Rothenberg, who has created music with whales and insects, wind and water, processed his encounters with Berlin’s nightingales in an album, a film and a book. He jammed with nightingales in Hasenheide, Treptower Park and Tiergarten and spoke to neurobiologists and behavioral biologists about the sound and communication of the songbirds. The result is both a poetic cultural history of the nightingale and an exploration of the relationship between noise, music and poetry.

The German translation of the book will be released in late April in print and in an audiobook and celebrates its premiere at HKW. After the film screening of Nightingales in Berlin, live music and a panel, Rothenberg invites the audience to join him on a nightly concert stroll with Berlin musicians and the nightingales of the Tiergarten.

8pm Film screening Nightingales in Berlin, 2019, D: Ville Tanttu, 52 min
9.15pm Short concert with Korhan Erel (electronics), David Rothenberg (clarinet) and Cymin Samawatie (vocalist)
10pm Panel with Ville Tanttu (director), Dietmar Todt (behavioral biologist), Tina Roeske (neurobiologist), Cymin Samawatie (musician) and David Rothenberg, In English
11pm Reading Stadt der Nachtigallen, introduction: Florian Illies (Rowohlt), In German
12am Concert stroll in the Tiergarten with Cymin Samawatie (vocalist), Korhan Erel (electronics), David Rothenberg (clarinet) and nightingales