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2022, Thu, Mar 10 — 2022, Sat, Mar 12


Photo: Douglas Lopes

Photo: Douglas Lopes

How to weave together theoretical academic knowledge with the very practical and intellectual knowledge of the Favela, and how to weave a fabric of solidarity between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro? Can weaving become a tool of resisting existing institutional structures by collaboratively establishing informal preliminary modes of developing and enabling social and bodily processes? For almost 25 years the community that established Redes da Maré in the Favela Maré of Rio de Janeiro has gained experience in self-organization, community-building, social and cultural work. They call themselves weavers because they establish practices that cannot be done alone. They have built a place that brings together people from Maré and other spaces in the city, combining different forms of collaboration with individuals and civil society institutions.

They produce knowledge along five working axes: Territorial Development; Education; Right to Public Security and Access to Justice; Art and Culture; Identities and Memories. Redes da Maré elaborates and structures actions that, in the long term, can be translated as guaranteeing basic rights for the Maré population. With the purpose of exchange and reflection, this edition of the New Alphabet School will bring together guests from Berlin and activate a local network of artists, cultural activists and art researchers in Rio in order to create a space to think and reflect on forms of contemporary resistance.

In cooperation with Redes da Maré