December 2021

#Community Building

With Gerardo Mosquera, Chantal Mouffe, Richard Sennett

Photo: Juan Pablo Estrada, 2013

Photo: Juan Pablo Estrada, 2013

People always already find themselves as relational beings and as a part of various communities, but what constitutes community and a continuum when social life is pre-determined by technology, education and expectations? How is continuous social action considered collective? What can enable people to achieve alterity and reciprocity? What is given and what is constructed in communities? What conditions are needed to pursue healthy community relations? The Institute for Artivism Hannah Arendt, Havanna, brings together artists, activists, researchers and the general public for a discussion on how communities are constituted and built for peaceful nonviolent action with guaranteed rights when reality currently points in another direction.

In cooperation with INSTAR – Institute for Artivism Hannah Arendt