2019, Fri, Nov 01

Afro-Sonic Mapping: Opening Concert

Recorded in Luanda, Salvador da Bahia and Lisbon, the Afro-Sonic Mapping album has emerged from the earliest phonographic recordings from Central and West Africa circa 1890 to 1907. Uncovering the connections between these historical recordings and present-day urban rhythms, Satch Hoyt has composed ten new pieces of music in collaboration with local artists across the Lusophone triangle, interweaving political lyrics, traditional instruments and electronic music. For the first time, all musicians involved in the creation of the album will unite on stage for a live remix session. The Kuduro vocalists Sacerdote, MC Khris and Celo Dut intone politically radical lyrics; Kiluanji Kia Henda narrates in spoken word manner his essay on Communism in Angola; experimental musician Suyá Nascimento echoes her processed electric guitar currents and recites Hoyt’s poem Black Madonna; Teddy N’singi graces the compositions with his Congolese cyclic guitar patterns; and Satch Hoyt ties these sounds together with processed electric flute, electronic percussions, Congolese Sanzas and synthetizers.

With MC Khris, Teddy N’singi, Sacerdote, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Suyá Nascimento, Celo Dut, Satch Hoyt