2007, Wed, Sep 05

Willie Perdomo

Downtown, Uptown, Crosstown - Literature from New York

Willie Perdomo | (c) Promo

Willie Perdomo | (c) Promo

Ten protagonists of the New York literary scene read at the House of World Cultures: famous voices and newcomers, novelists and poets. Polyphony in all respects – these authors offer insights into the diversity of cultural, ethnic and social affiliations that make up life in New York. They tell of worlds between cultures, of experience at the margins of society, and they search for forms through which to portray the complexity of our globalised present.

Willie Perdomo is one of the most important spoken word poets to emerge from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the literary meeting place in Lower East Side. With a high-literature subtext, his poems soberly take stock of the life of the street. His poetry and prose alike are infused with fear and love, fury and tenderness. With sprinklings of salsa and hip-hop, black Spanglish, song lyrics and advertising copy, his texts tell of prophets, saints, poets, scammers, junkies and basketball stars.

Moderated by Nora Gomringer (Spoken Word Poet)

In cooperation with the international literature festival berlin.