2007, Fri, Sep 07

Team America: World Police

Blitz Cinema

In the black civil rights movement and gays' political battle, the artistic means of comedy and stylised overdrawing were developed into hard-hitting weapons. The Blitz Cinema section of the programme presents outstanding film works by contemporary witnesses and protagonists of the scene that deal with the cultural identity of African-Americans, subcultural movements like rap and Afro-punk, biographies of transsexuals in pop culture, and the "golden age" of gay New York before the advent of AIDS.

Team America: World Police, D: Trey Parker, USA 2004, 98 min, OV

To start off with, documentary films about experiences in the American military. Then, as a counterpoint, "Team America: World Police", a comedy by the inventor of "South Park" about a global police force of marionette superheroes who take up the war on terror.

Programme pictures:

Military Option, D: Al Santana and Alonzo Speight, USA 2005, 11 min, OV

Military Promises, D: Kamisha S., USA 2005, 7'40 min, OV