2007, Sun, Sep 23

Lost Horizon

Slow Motion / usAsia

Experimental films and documentary works, ironic anti-propaganda and classics of the fantasy genre, material from the artists' archives and productions for political activism: The section "Slow Motion" brings together headstrong films influenced by the tradition of street photography and the avantgarde of the 1920s and 1930s. In them, New York takes on the appearance of an historical stage whose forms are precisely observed and captured as the scope of the political is redefined. This panorama also takes in short films by the artist Sarah Morris, resident of New York and London.

--- Attention: Screening had to be cancelled to to technical reasons ---

Lost Horizon

D, Director: Frank Capra, USA 1937, 132 min, OV, bw

The Far East has always stirred the Western imagination. Frank Capra's masterpiece of the adventure genre, one of the most elaborate productions in the history of Hollywood, is dedicated to the myth of Shangri-La, the place somewhere in the Himalayas where eternal peace reigns. The Chinese-American artist Patty Chang will introduce the film: In 2005 she made a documentation about a Northern Chinese location that styles itself as a sort of Shangri-La to attract tourists.

An event of "Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007 – Asia-Pacific: Changing the World". Asia-Pacific Weeks receives funding from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin DKLB.