2007, Thu, Aug 23

Silent Shorts

Slow Motion

Experimental films and documentary works, ironic anti-propaganda and classics of the fantasy genre, material from the artists' archives and productions for political activism: The section "Slow Motion" brings together headstrong films influenced by the tradition of street photography and the avantgarde of the 1920s and 1930s. In them, New York takes on the appearance of an historical stage whose forms are precisely observed and captured as the scope of the political is redefined. This panorama also takes in short films by the artist Sarah Morris, resident of New York and London.

Manhatta, D: Paul Strand & Charles Sheeler, USA 1921, 11min / Twenty-Four-Dollar Island, D: Robert Flaherty, USA 1926, 13 min / Skyscraper Symphony, D: Robert Florey, USA 1929, 10 min / Manhattan Medley, D: Bonney Powell, USA 1931, 10 min / Building Up and Demolishing the Star Theatre, D: Frederick S. Armitage, USA 1902, 3 min / A Bronx Morning, D: Jay Leyda, USA 1931, 14 min., total time: 61 min.

Short silent films of the early American avantgarde from the turn of the century up to the 1930s trace the development of architecture and life of New York's streets and of its nights. They at the same time form a history of early experimental film.

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