2007, Sat, Sep 01

Tony Touch

El Barrio - Berlin Moves to NuYorica: Multistyled Latin Beats

Tony Touch | (c) Promo

Tony Touch | (c) Promo

Since at least the 1950s, New York has been the centre of Spanish-language popular music. The musical styles imported from the Caribbean and Central and South America were transformed, with the addition of Afro-American, Italian and Jewish elements, into characteristic "Nuyorquina" genres, while the term "Nuyoricans" was coined in reference to the city's Puerto Ricans themselves. Out of the term "Latino", previously a stereotype applied by the dominant white culture, a cultural and, above all, musical identity soon emerged. Luisito Quintero, one of the most celebrated percussionists in New York, will kick off the opening weekend.

When Reggaeton Comes to Town

Reggaeton, a blend of reggae, hip-hop and salsa, is currently the music of Spanish-speaking youth. Reggaeton stars such as Tego Calderón, Julio Voltio and Aventura fill stadiums all over the Americas and in Southern Europe. At the heart of it all is Tony Touch, whose 2005 album "Reggaetóny" is considered a milestone of the genre. Since the 1980s, Tony Touch has been one of the most sought-after DJs on the US East Coast. As a rapper and MC, however, he did not come onto the scene until the 1990s. His hip-hop album "The Peacemaker" brought him his commercial breakthrough in 2000. He has just released "Reggaetóny 2". At HKW, joined by DJs, dancers, rappers and numerous musicians, Tony Touch will present the full range of the genre. Included on the bill: Don Chezina, Soni, DJ Eli, Plan B, Speedy, DJ Blass, The Beatnuts, La Bruja and Hurricane G.

Curator of the El Barrio programme: Christoph Twickel, journalist, author, Latin music expert and DJ (aka Basso Profundo)