2007, Sat, Sep 01

Sounds of New York: Latin Music, Hip-Hop and Reggaeton

Berlin Moves to NuYorica: Multistyled Latin Beats

Background information on the history and present of Latino music in New York

From Mambo to Hip-Hop

4 pm A Bronx Tale

D: Henry Chalfant, USA, 2005, 55 min.

German premiere, to be attended by the director. The film reconstructs the musical and social history of the Bronx, an incubator of urban culture for the past six decades.

6 pmA Musical History of the Bronx

Protagonists of the hip-hop and reggaeton scene have their say. With Henry Chalfant (film director, NYC), Tony Touch (DJ, MC, b-boy, NYC), La Bruja (poet, hip-hop/reggaeton artist, NYC), DJ Habano (Berlin).

Moderated by Susanne Stemmler

Concept: Susanne Stemmler, Center for Metropolitan Studies