2007, Thu, Aug 23 — 2007, Sun, Aug 26

Latin Hours & New York nonstop

72 Hours of New York

Koosil-Ja | (c) Judith M. Smith

Koosil-Ja | (c) Judith M. Smith

For art lovers, night revellers, Latin music movers, performance aficionados, clubbers, friends of cultivated entertainment, Deleuze devotees, donut-and-pastrami eaters, urban wanderers, families and backpackers. A long, round-the-clock weekend with a non-stop programme, nocturnal activities and even a shelter room for overnight stays.

Freitag, August 24

- Free admission, if not specified otherwise -

Until 9:30 pm 24-hour performance: Julie Tolentino continues "A True Story About Two People"

10 am - 2 am Exhibition: "New York States of Mind" (admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro)

10 am - 2 pm American brunch

10 am - 2 pm Performance: "Dance Without Bodies" by Koosil-ja (admission: 13 Euro, concessions 10 Euro)

10 am - 6 pm Performance: In "This Here and That There" Vlatka Horvat creates curious arrangements of chairs throughout the house

5 pm - 8 pm Meet the artists: Artists guide tours through the exhibition. Followed by panel with Laura Carton, Ian Burns, Tehching Hsieh, Jon Kessler, William Pope.L and Tavares Strachan (admission with exhibition ticket)

7 pm - 2 am DMY Berlin Roof Garden Lounge: 7 pm DJ Female Macho, 10 pm DJ SuperSultan

8 pm Concert: Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Salsa of Superlatives (admission: 15 Euro, concessions 10 Euro)

8 pm Performance: Edisa Weeks & Delirious Dancers dance „Liaison“

8:30 pm Performance: "Dance Without Bodies" by Koosil-ja

10 pm DJ Basso Profundo (aka Christoph Twickel) with mambo, boogaloo, salsa, cumbia, reggaetón and electrolatino

10:30 pm - 1.30 am Performance: MKS Volcofsky presents "Fur Egg", the result of a week of field research in Berlin

During the night

Video loops "Die Auster leuchtet!"