2007, Thu, Aug 23

Grand Opening

72 Hours of New York - The House is Back: Reopening with a Non-Stop Weekend

Luisito Quintero | (c) Meg Pukel

Luisito Quintero | (c) Meg Pukel

For art lovers, night revellers, Latin music movers, performance aficionados, clubbers, friends of cultivated entertainment, Deleuze devotees, donut-and-pastrami eaters, urban wanderers, families and backpackers. A long, round-the-clock weekend with a non-stop programme, nocturnal activities and even a shelter room for overnight stays.

7 pm Preaching performance: Reverend Billy takes on consumption terror: "Fabulous Worship with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir"

7.30 pm Opening ceremony: Latin jazz with Luisito Quintero. Poetry: Adonis and Yang Lian. Contemporary witness and actress: Cipe Lincovsky

8:30 pm Opening: "New York - States of Mind"

9 pm Celebrity Lounge: White Trash Trash Food presents DJ Sputnik (Cowboy-Rock'n'Roll), Liveact Speakeasy and live Tattooing by WTFF Norbert (No Pain No Brain Tattoostudio).

9 pm DMY Berlin Roof Garden Lounge from 10pm Supa DJ Dmitry (New York)

9 pm Swing dance: Andrej Hermlin and his Swing Dance Band & DJane T-INA Darling.

9:30 pm Performance: Koosil-ja with her walk-in live installation "Dance Without Bodies"

9:30 pm Performance: Julie Tolentino begins her 24-hour performance "A True Story About Two People".

10 pm Film: Silent Shorts – Silent films of the early American avantgarde (1902-1931), soundscape: Daniel Pflumm and Klaus Kotai

11:30 pm Performance: "Dance Without Bodies" by Koosil-ja

0:30 pm Celebrity Lounge: White Trash Fast Food presents Jane Walton (CircusPolkaPunk) und Burlesque Show by Michelle Carr (VelvetHammerBurlesque).

During the night

24-hours-performance Julie Tolentino with "A True Story About Two People"

Video loops "The Oyster Auster is shining!"