2019, Thu, Mar 212019, Sun, Mar 24

Rwandan Records

with Eric 1key and Klaus Janek, Production: Jens Dietrich and Milena Kipfmüller, Stage: Jelka Plate

Eric 1key / Rwandan Records | Photo: Klaus Janek

Eric 1key / Rwandan Records | Photo: Klaus Janek

What does tradition mean when the past is tainted by crimes? Who decides what is carried on as collective knowledge and moored in the culture? The Rwandan hip-hop artist Eric 1key and the Berlin musician Klaus Janek create sound worlds that anticipate and hark back to different eras. They interweave pre-colonial history with contemporary experience and science fiction, archive sampling meets live music, tradition meets electronics. Rwandan Records is a video and sound installation, radio play, concert and walk-in music theater.

Produced by Jens Dietrich and Milena Kipfmüller

Stage: Jelka Plate