2019, Sat, Dec 07 — 2019, Sun, Dec 15


An interactive round of sound

Photo: Alberto Barrientos

Photo: Alberto Barrientos

Singular sounds whirr through the corridors and rooms, strange figures dart through the hallways and an old gramophone recording calls for help: A unique instrument from the past, once the centerpiece of a significant collection, it was silent for 100 years. In a hidden research lab populated by almost forgotten, whimsical beings, all your senses are called upon to search for solutions. What is real, what is fantasy? On this magical tour of HKW, concert, music theater and sound installation combine to form an interactive adventure.

Bestiarium is a music theater production for people ages 6 and up, developed by the Berlin ensemble DieOrdnungDerDinge in collaboration with the composer Nuria Nunez Hierro. The project originated at the Graduate School at the Berlin University of the Arts and is funded by the Capital City Cultural Fund. The restaging is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe