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My Radiophonic Spaces

Listening and radio workshops for all ages with Shanti Suki Osman

Hidden stories | © Yoni Osman

Hidden stories | © Yoni Osman

The walk-in radio archive Radiophonic Spaces contains more than 200 plays from 100 years of radio art. The workshop participants will “enliven” selected works with their own ears in the here and now. Who is speaking from the plays? Who and what are not heard? Do the stories resonate with the listeners in the plays? Does the past or do visions of the future speak from them? With the help of recording devices, the workshop participants and Shanti Suki Osman will look for answers to these questions with voices and noises, in stories, snippets, sound recordings, or silence.

Focus subjects

Sunday, Nov 11 (Dis)located – Verorten // Ortlos

Sunday, Nov 18 An Archiving Technology – Eine archivierende Technologie

Sunday, Dec 2 Silence – Stille

Sunday, Dec 9 Fiction // Reality – Fiktion // Realität