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Guided tour

Guided tours in English with Douglas Boatwright, in German with Norbert Witzgall.

Norbert Witzgall is an artist and educator living and working in Berlin. While his work as an artist has been exhibited internationally, his work as a mediator of art exhibitions led him to work for the private collection Sammlung Hoffmann, the National Gallery Berlin, the BerlinBiennale and HKW. Since 2015, he has been teaching at University for the Arts (UdK), Berlin; currently holding a Guest Professorship there.

Douglas Boatwright is an artist and editor whose work focuses on the way that meaning, value and power are created and maintained via the institutions that fuel culture — from the formal (museums) to the social (language). He is a graduate of The New School, Cooper Union, and Columbia University; he most recently held a position as visiting professor at VCU in Richmond, Virginia, where his courses dealt with the role of the artist within contemporary culture via a lens of critical theory.