2018, Fri, Sep 28

The Most Dangerous Game Night

Urban Gaming, Exhibition, Film Screening

In the society striven for by the Situationist International, Homo ludens, or playing humans, supplant Homo oeconomicus. As part of The Most Dangerous Game, on two evenings HKW is taking playing seriously: The lobby will become a playroom and the exhibition will be open until 11 pm.

The Situationist-inspired street game network Invisible Playground invites visitors to take part in a course of more or less dangerous games in and around HKW. The board games Wir sind das Volk!, Anti-Monopoly, War on Terror, Machi Koro – Bau dir deine Stadt! and 13 Tage – Die Kubakrise 1962 provide support in the Situationist reframing of reality. You are welcome to bring along your own games of all kinds.

The evening will be accompanied by a film program: We will show the movie that gave the exhibition its name: The Most Dangerous Game. It inspired Guy Debord and is the story of a dangerous game played by an insane count on a remote island with two shipwreck survivors. Guy Debord’s La Société du spectacle will also be screened.


19 – 23h Exhibition The Most Dangerous Game. The Situationist International en route for May '68
Exhibition Hall 1

19h, 21h Street Gaming with Invisible Playground (90min)

19h, 22h: Screenings: The Most Dangerous Game (1932, Director: Ray Harryhausen, original English version with German subtitles, 63min)
Lecture Hall

20.30h Screening: La Société du spectacle (1973, Director: Guy Debord, original French version with German subtitles, 91min)
Lecture Hall

Due to the Turkish president’s state visit, there will be traffic restrictions on September 28, 2018. Up-to-date traffic information (in German): viz-berlin.de