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2018, Fri, Aug 17

Young Soul Rebels

D: Isaac Julien, GB 1991, 35mm, 105 min OV eng.

Young Soul Rebels (Film still) | © Promo

Young Soul Rebels (Film still) | © Promo

London 1977: several scenes groove, bellow and pogo at the same time. The funk and soul by the two soul boys and radio DJs Chris and Caz, the punk from bands like X-Ray Spex, and the Ska of the skinhead community. In his 1991 coming-of-age drama, shimmering with atmosphere and chock full of P-funk goodies, director Isaac Julien uses the forbidden love story between a soul boy and a punk to make a clear statement about the political situation in a country where racism and homophobia are an ordinary part of everyday life.