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2018, Sat, Jul 28

Red, White & Blues

D: Mike Figgis, D/GB 2003, Digibeta, 93 min, OV eng.

Red, White & Blues (Film still) | © Wim Wenders Stiftung

Red, White & Blues (Film still) | © Wim Wenders Stiftung

Documentary about the blues and its path from the USA to the UK

Mike Figgis’s documentary is about the colours of the blues, about the USA and Great Britain, about the relationship between original and reproduction. His thesis: Everything that sounds “blue” was conceived of by the African-American godfathers of the genre; it was successfully adapted by smart white Brit boys. To support his point he works through an impressive series of interviews: Among others Tom Jones, Eric Clapton and Georgie Fame share their anecdotes and analyses, while a blues super group jams in the Abbey Road Studio.