Open doors

Wed, Jun 13, 2018
3 pm
Free admission

An installation made of old blackboards, an herb garden, spots to chill, yoga, or a sound space: In collaboration with raumlabor a temporary space for living and learning will be opened up in the spaces of the HKW. Artists and art educators, parents and grandparents, school mates, pedagogues, and all others interested in education are invited to investigate the traces of the experimental class schedule, where students have tested out earlier participatory formats as teachers and learners. Visitors can examine wall newspapers, architectural models, music videos, and other submissions to the ideas competition. In a space organized on the topic by the Berlin Central and Regional Library they can browse through books on alternative educational models or sample a sustainable alternative to the school snack at the Anthropocene Kiosk.

Part of the concluding program Test Run for the School of the Future