Kids&Teens: Graffiti and street art workshop

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Sun, May 6, 2018
3 pm
Fee: 5€
In German
From 6 years
© Creative Commons

One can see it on houses and in underpasses, on highway bridges and S-Bahn cars: The colorful slogans and pictures of graffiti seem to appear overnight and stay until someone paints over them. But why do people create works for the public space and not for their own homes or for a museum? Has there always been street art? And most of all, how do they do it? The workshop teaches basic skills in graffiti and street art and lets the participants create their own.

With Hendrik auf der Heidt (Urban Artists, Berlin)

Hendrik auf der Heidt enjoyed drawing with crayons as a child. In 1990, his love of form and colors led him to discover the graffiti culture and he became interested in letters and figures in the urban space. In 2018, he looks back on about 25 years of experience and has helped shape the further development of this art form. Hendrik auf der Heidt is a trained communication designer and founded his own company, Urban Artists, after many years of agency and graphic design work.