An alternative look at the exhibition by students for other visitors

Students’ Day

By and for students

Sat, Jun 2, 2018
1–6 pm
Free admission for students
In German and English
© Laura Fiorio

An exhibition is often preceded by years of intensive research. Each one has to manage a difficult balancing act between the complexity of what’s being shown and needing to reduce it in order to make the content accessible to visitors within a typical exhibition visit of a few hours. Even teaching aspects such as texts, design elements or guided exhibition tours must be pondered and adapted anew every time. In cooperation with the Julius Erdmann seminar of the University of Potsdam, students working on their M.A. in applied cultural sciences and cultural semiotics lend HKW their viewpoints. In interactive formats, together with the visitors, they develop alternative perspectives and approaches to the exhibition Neolithic Childhood: Art in a False Present, c. 1930. In keeping with the title of the exhibition, the focus will be on rediscovering childish and intuitive enthusiasm.