2018, Fri, Apr 06

Technosphärenklänge #5: Concerts

With Lucrecia Dalt & Regina de Miguel, M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti, Amnesia Scanner

8 pm: Lucrecia Dalt & Regina de Miguel: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
9 pm: M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti: Hesaitix
10 pm: Amnesia Scanner: As Chaos

The fifth edition of Technosphärenklänge invites you into a world of tonal fiction that makes post-digital connectivity tangible. The fictions woven here combine human consciousness with nonhuman subjectivity and databased technology. Together with the artist Michael Guidetti, M.E.S.H. presents the new album Hesaitix. With a sound ranging from meditative to manic, Hesaitix moves between electronic club music and digital fantasy audio book. This creates an acoustic world in which the subconscious and the (technological) extraterrestrial meet. Lucrecia Dalt and Regina de Miguel celebrate the premiere of their audiovisual performance V.I.T.R.I.O.L., which plays with past and future myths. The duo Amnesia Scanner offers sneak peeks at their debut album to be released this year in which an epic aesthetic is combined with the cryptic reality of digital networks.