2018, Thu, Mar 15

What is Racism Today?

With Zimitri Erasmus, Maya Ganesh, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, David Theo Goldberg, Shahram Khosravi, Françoise Vergès among others

Étienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein’s classic text offers prescient readings and analytic terms for our contemporary symptomologies of race, nation, and class. To what extent do these terms remain relevant today, nearly three decades on? What new racisms—seemingly operating independently of the once dominant biologistic arguments—eclipse past understandings of racism as inequalities are deepened? While the ongoing relevance of social categories of race and class has often been denied, nationalism is on the rise in the face of proliferating demographic and cultural heterogeneities, bodies are individualized, yet inscribed with renewed ethno-racial markings, and whole groups have been “evaporated” by being made stateless. How is racism being reconfigured, as technological developments remake bodies, transform, if not render obsolete large swaths of work and labor or reorganize it across borders, and promote aggressive militarization as well as new surveillance techniques? How is religion being refashioned and repurposed to obscure the workings of race, class, and nation today while rewiring them at the same time? What counter- and critical anti-racisms are being imagined and activated today as key responses to these developments?

Program in collaboration with David Theo Goldberg, Francoise Vergès

Short biographies: Zimitri Erasmus, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, David Theo Goldberg, Françoise Vergès