2017, Sat, Dec 16

Chronoscope 11pm

With Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck

The Chronoscope 11pm series uses footage from the Longines Chronoscope, an American television interview series that aired on the CBS network from 1951 to 1955. The program featured U.S. politicians, diplomats, foreign leaders, and corporate executives who discussed a range of political, economic, and foreign policy questions as well as petroleum resources with regard to the Cold War. As an early form of infotainment, the program’s branding and packaging of ideas has many paradoxical forms of resonance with current political events. Balteo-Yazbeck reorders this source material to highlight the program’s role as a sounding board for Cold War discourse. In this process, time becomes a palpable subject itself, superseding the immediate political discussion.

Part of the conference Freedom in the Bush of Ghosts