2016, Fri, Jul 08

God Loves the Fighter

D: Damian Marcano, Trinidad and Tobago, 2013, 104 min, OV with English subtitles

God Loves The Fighter (film still) | © promo

God Loves The Fighter (film still) | © promo

Thrilling gangster drama set in the slums of Port of Spain

Charlie dreams of doing the right thing, getting out of Port of Spain’s dangerous slum Laventille, finding a job. But the pull of the criminal life is stronger: he gets involved in the drug business of his childhood friend Stone. When the prostitute Dinah needs his help, Charlie has to choose the right path. Damian Marcano paints a dark portrait of Trinidad’s capital in rapid cuts. The mosaic of poverty and violence is held together by the rap poet King Curtis, who comments on events as a kind of Greek chorus.