2016, Sat, Apr 30

Intersecting art histories and alternative museologies: the Anti-imperialist and Solidarity Movement in the 1970s

Exhibition tour with Paz Guevara

The tour will invite the visitors to go through the exhibition’s cartography of the transnational networks of artists, collectives, intellectuals, activists and institutions engaged in the anti-imperialist and solidarity movement. It will explore intersecting art histories and alternative museological models such as the Museo de la Solidaridad in Chile and in exile, the Art Against Apartheid collection in Cape Town, the Museo Julio Cortazar in Nicaragua, and situate them within the the mechanisms of canon-making in the discourse and historiography of art.

Paz Guevara is a curator, researcher and author based in Berlin. Currently, she is collaborating in the long-term project Kanon-Fragen at HKW and is lecturer of history of exhibitions and collections at Heidelberg University. She contributed to Past Disquiet at HKW with research on Latin American artists and museums involved in the solidarity movement. Among others, Guevara has been co-curator of In Other Words: The Black Market of Translations—Negotiating Contemporary Cultures at NGBK (Berlin, 2012); the Latin American Pavilion at the 55th and 54th Venice Biennale (2013 and 2011) and Comunidad Ficticia in Matucana 100 (Santiago, Chile, 2009). For the 7th Berlin Biennale in 2012, she conceived the workshop for young curators Curating in Times of Need.