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2016, Wed, Apr 06


The model literature project FIKTION sums up its first three years and looks ahead to the future

Visitors can test the e-reader designed by and recently optimized by Fiktion. The Leipzig-based author and farmer Francis Nenik presents his novel COIN OPERATED HISTORY, a meandering prehistory of Google: what do the conquest of America, the Vineland map, Mongol hordes, Spanish monks and a lost chandelier have to do with each other? Also, FIKTION takes stock of the global sales of free, German and English-language e-books, the development of its e-reader, which has given up analogies to printed books, and thoughts on the reformation of copyrights. It also looks ahead at the global search for the GREATEST UNPUBLISHABLE NOVEL (G.U.N.).

5 pm: Testing Fiktion’s e-reader

7 pm: Francis Nenik: Coin Operated History Book
Book presentation with Amanda DeMarco, Momus, Jakob Nolte, Verena Rossbacher

8 pm: The Greatest Unpublishable Novel (G.U.N.)
Discussion with Jan Peter Bremer, Nina Bussmann, Katharina Hacker and Ann Cotten as well as Mathias Gatza, Ingo Niermann and Henriette Gallus

A project by Fiktion e. V., developed in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.