Workshop / Anxious to Make

How to Turn Yourself into a Commissioning Body in Five Easy Steps

With Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez

Sat, Feb 6, 2016
Conference Room 2
3–5 pm
Requirements: Participants should bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device equipped with wifi and an internet browser. Please bring a valid credit card and be prepared to spend at least $5 (digitally). Register Here

Inside the bowels of the current industrial revolution—where industry 4.0 meets crowdsourcing, where digital requests meet physical labor—lies the so-called sharing economy. “For-profit ‘sharing’ represents by far the fastest-growing source of un- and under-regulated commercial activity," writes Noam Scheiber.

Anxious to make more—money, work—we make more time by making others labor on our behalf. Pick up my laundry! Write my marketing emails! As we anxiously increase our demands, how can we aggregate the power of the digital age? In this session, part performative lecture, part participatory workshop, artists Berdugo and Martinez will teach participants how to make themselves into commissioning bodies in five easy steps. The idea is to turn fully towards anxiety, not as a paralyzingly fear, but as a source for radical generativity.