2016, Fri, Feb 05

Panic Room Session: Post-Digital Anxiety

With Bani Brusadin, Özge Çelikaslan, David Garcia, Brian Holmes, Eric Kluitenberg, Elizabeth Losh, Pit Schultz, Alper Şen, Nishant Shah, Clemens Apprich and Diana McCarty

If, as Timothy Bewes writes, “Anxiety is so prevalent in late capitalist society that it has become a defining quality of that society,” then the post-digital situation is one in which everyone is anxious “to do something” and yet is overwhelmed by excessive flows of information and possible choices.

In this situation resilience and localized, intimate forms of communication are being rejuvenated, building on legacies of experimental technology practices, critical net cultures, cyberfeminism, tactical media, and autonomous networking. Join this Panic Room discussion for a conversation about how artistic, activist and research projects in these fields contribute to transforming the anxieties of late capitalism into knowledge and civic organization.