2016, Thu, Jan 14 — 2016, Sun, Jan 17

Listening stations

Pop and propaganda, dirges and news flashes, menacing hymns and heroic song — the affairs that music and war have entered have left behind numerous audio traces.

Rap and Reggae songs, which process the horrors of the civil war in Sierra Leone; heroic marches, sung by Japanese children’s choirs; Calypsos, which voice a Caribbean perspective on the events in Europe in the 1940s; the “Soviet Union’s singing weapon” — the Russian army’s military choir formed in 1928 with recordings of war songs and marches; US pop songs of the 1930s and 1940s about “Hitler & Hell,” and a sound transmission from Andreas Ammer who follows the martial noise — from the trumpets at the walls of Jericho to the children’s bedrooms of the world.