Presentations & Discussion


“Representations are guiding our actions. And some of the agencies of the world can be captured by models. It is important to teach natural science students that real systems are more complex than the models, but it is also important that social science students know about modeling”
Pablo Jensen, physicist

The Cluster Representing engages in the medial and scientific forms of representation: objects, imaginaries, and system models create scenarios by which the multifaceted phenomena of the Anthropocene can be put to the test.

The three case studies of the cluster Representing were summarized in a joint discussion .

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Slow Media

How can a sense of global citizenship and a consciousness of an observer that includes coming generations be established?
Presented by Libby Robin and Helmuth Trischler

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Imaging the Anthropocene

How can images and imaginaries help us to conceive of alternative futures in the Anthropocene?
Presented by Wolfgang Lucht and Philipp Oswalt

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Modeling Wicked Problems

How can transdisciplinary systems models help us to understand the “wicked problems” of the Anthropocene such as climate change?
Presended by Paul Edwards