2015, Wed, Dec 09

Can community be built?

Kolabs | Momoyo Kaijima, Benjamin Menzel (Schlesische 27) | © Marcus Lieberenz

Kolabs | Momoyo Kaijima, Benjamin Menzel (Schlesische 27) | © Marcus Lieberenz

7 pm
Debate with Kolabs and Petra Mai-Hartung (Studentenwerk/ student union), Andrea Hofmann (Raumlabor), Susanne Hofmann (Baupiloten), Wilfried Kuehn (Curator of Wohnungsfrage), Daniel Fritz (Studis gegen hohe Mieten/ students against high rents), Andreas Ruby (publicist)

How do students want to live in Berlin and other cities, and what role does architecture play? Students look for accommodation that is affordable and enables them to participate in city life and to create communities. Which forms of living are possible in shared apartments, student housing and other forms of accommodation, and how are these linked to urban living in general?

4 pm
Workshop with Kolabs in the Wohnungsfrage exhibition. Up to 15 participants, registration:  

Architecture plays a decisive role in determining how people move within built space, who they meet and where and how communication takes place. Kooperatives Labor Studierender (Kolabs) is hosting an experimental workshop in the 1:1 model Urban Forest, created in collaboration with the Bow-Wow studio from Tokyo. Together with workshop participants the model will be appropriated with spoon, saw and pen, explained and tested for its practicality.