Closing Debate. Autonomy, camouflage or emancipation? The role of design in society

Symposium: “Can design change society?”

Sat, Sep 19, 2015
7–8.30 pm
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With simultaneous translation in German and English

Tomás Saraceno, Investigations into the potentials of sky-life. Reykjavic Marathon, 2007, © Tomás Saraceno

The symposium concludes with a controversial debate that fundamentally questions the status of the designer in society: Does design have a potential to emancipate society, or is it autonomously self-referential? Or does engaged art serve merely as camouflage for political conflicts that are thereby not addressed, but merely aestheticised?

Keynote Reinhold Martin, New York

With speakers of the previous panels

Presentation Bernd Scherer and Philipp Oswalt, Berlin

The program overview