Hans-Joachim Roedelius with the Chor der Kulturen der Welt, Arnold Kasar, Tim Story, Lukas Lauermann, Christopher Chaplin, and Stefan Schneider

Thu, Sep 3, 2015
8 pm
Admission: Evening ticket 14€/10€
Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Stefan Schneider , © Peter Stumpf

Chor der Kulturen der Welt: “Mein teurer Heiland”
Roedelius: Piano Solo
Arnold Kasar & Roedelius
Tim Story mit Lukas Lauermann & Roedelius
Christopher Chaplin & Roedelius
Schneider: “Tiden” & Roedelius
Visuals by Luma Launisch

Whether in a dialogue or in musical encounters, Hans-Joachim Roedelius enjoys spinning tales with his musical allies. For the first time he will meet Arnold Kasar, whose albums hovering between jazz and electronica recall the Cluster sounds. He will share the stage with Tim Story, his cooperating partner of many years who has released his dark “21st Century Chamber Musique” since the early 1980s, and join more recent friends as well, the British pianist Christopher Chaplin and Stefan Schneider for a live interpretation of their mutual 2013 album “Tiden.” Part of the ancestral line of the Roedelius family was the cantor Johann Christian Roedelius. The program will begin with a contemporary interpretation of his cantata from about 1730.

Biographies of the participating artists

Staements about Roedelius

Barbara Morgenstern (Chor der Kulturen der Welt)
“Sound artist, trailblazer, pioneer, visionary – what other superlatives come to mind when I think of Roedelius? Quite a few, but the most impressive for me is that he always remains in dialogue, always seeking new forms and pathways. ”

Tim Story
“It's a rare thing when one of your favorite musicians is also one of your closest friends, but Joachim’s music really is the man himself: warm and unguarded, brilliant and unpredictable, often all at the same time.”

Christopher Chaplin
“Joachim Roedelius's musical journey is as wonderful as it is inspiring. I am truly grateful to him, to his friendship, and to his generosity which embraced me in a part of that ongoing journey.”

Stefan Schneider
“When Joachim and I met fifteen years ago, neither of us knew that we would one day collaborate musically. During our long, initial conversation in Geneva Joachim talked about his everyday life in Baden, about his kids and travels with his wife. After already having met a few musicians of his generation, I was glad that Joachim was the first who did not tell me about the ‘legendary days’ – the early 1970s. The way that he is anchored in the present is also perceptible when we work together.”