2015, Fri, Jul 24


D: Mani Ratman, India 2010, 134 min, English subtitles

Raavanan, film still | © Promo

Raavanan, film still | © Promo

Action-filled adaptation of the Sanskrit epic “Ramayana”

The tribal leader Veera is a terrorist to the authorities and a hero to the poor rural population. To take revenge on the police he kidnaps Ragini, the wife of the chief of police. A chase through the jungle ensues with the violence on both sides obscuring the dividing line between good and evil. Mani Ratman is one of the most important directors in contemporary Indian cinema. In his modern day adaptation of the Sanskrit epic Ramanaya he combines action with grandiose song and dance scenes together with mythical landscape shots. With the superstars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram.