The Optimised Self

with: Nadav Assor

Sat, Jan 31, 2015
Lecture Hall
6–8 pm
Admission: 8€/5€

With works by Joseph Strick & Irving Lerner, Péter Dobai, Camille Verbunt, Julika Rudelius, Pawel Fabjanski, Nadav Assor, Wojciech Bąkowski.

The programme deals with the many human body optimisations that serve both individual narcissistic needs and labour efficiency increases. As early as 1949 Muscle Beach was ironically promising “a new you” through “a little meditation” and “some contemplation”...

Muscle Beach von Joseph Strick & Irving Lerner, us 1948, 9 min
Archaic Torso von Péter Dobai, hu 1971, 34 min
Spiral Meat von Camille Verbunt, nl 2010, 1 min
Forever von Julika Rudelius, nl 2006, 17 min
Dentist von Pawel Fabjanski, pl 2013, 1 min
Lessons on Leaving Your Body von Nadav Assor, us 2014, 15 min
Construction of the Day von Wojciech Bąkowski, pl 2013, 9 min

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